Policy configuration

Change default filter lists permissions

By default, filter lists are only allowed to set allowing and blocking rules. If you want to change this setting, simply write under the [policy] section in your config (here to allow filter lists to set allowing and blocking rules by default):

# Change the default permissions to give to different filter lists
# Use A to give Allowing permission, B to give Blocking permission, and R to give Redirecting permission
# Multiple permissions can be given by concatenating them together (i.e. Allowing + Blocking => AB)
# NOTE: This will not affect filter lists you are already subscribing to

# WARNING: it is highly discouraged to give the Redirecting permission to all filter lists here. 
# Instead, it should rather be made manually by using `tblock -M`
# More information here: https://tblock.codeberg.page/docs/faq.html#why-isnt-it-recommended-to-let-filter-lists-to-set-redirecting-rules-by-default

# Default permissions for filter lists that are available in the repository index
regular = AB

Change default custom filter lists permissions

Since TBlock 2.5.0, it is possible to set different permissions for custom filter lists. To do so, simply write under the [policy] section:

# Default permissions for custom filter lists
custom = AB

Note: it is discouraged to set the redirecting permissions by default, since this can possibly lead to security flaws on your device. Only give this permissions to filter lists you fully trust!