Subscribing and updating filter lists


To subscribe to a filter list (in this case easylist), simply run:

tblock -S easylist

You may use the long operation as well:

tblock --subscribe easylist

Subscribe to many filter lists

Of course, you can subscribe as many filter lists as you want at the same time, by appending them at the end of the command (also works with long operation):

tblock -S easylist easyprivacy tblock-base

Subscribe and sync

Since it is recommended to sync the filter list repository as frequently as possible, you may want to sync the repository while subscribing to filter lists in only one operation:

tblock -Sy easylist

Or the long operation:

tblock --subscribe --with-sync easylist


Once you've subscribed to the filter lists you want to, it is important to keep them up-to-date as well (for instance if a list contains a false-positive host). To do so, simply run:

tblock -U

Or the long operation:

tblock --update

Sync and update

Since it is important to keep both repository and filter lists up-to-date, you may want to sync/update them at the same time:

tblock -Uy

And the long operation:

tblock --update --with-sync

Sync, update and then subscribe

You can also sync the repository, update all filter lists and then subscribe to new lists with a single operation:

tblock -Syu easyprivacy

Or the long version (really long this time):

tblock --subscribe --with-sync --with-update easyprivacy

Cleaning the cache

When TBlock fetches a filter lists, it automatically stores it in cache. However, you may want to delete cached filter lists to free up some space on your device. To do so, run:

tblock -P


tblock --purge-cache