Filter list repository


One of the greatest features of TBlock is its filter list repository. It contains over 100+ popular filter lists that are widely used accross the web. It allows users to subscribe to blocklists easily.

Update the repository

Of course, to have access to the latest filter lists, we need to keep this repository updated. It can be done automatically if you have automatic updates enabled. Otherwise, you have to update manually.

To update the filter list repository, we have to execute:

$ sudo tblock -Y
$ sudo tblock --sync

With the GUI, the repository can be updated by clicking on the Manage filter lists button in the main window, and then clicking on the button labeled Sync index.

Explore the repository

List all filter lists available in the repository

$ tblock -Lw
$ tblock --list --on-repo

Find matches across the filter lists available in the repository

$ tblock -Qw "query"
$ tblock --search --on-repo "query"

Getting more information about a specific filter list

$ tblock -I some-filter-list
$ tblock --info some-filter-list