Install on Arch Linux

📝 Note
Since version 2.7.0, the package tblock contains system services for the following init systems: systemd, openrc, runit and dinit.

From the AUR

There is an AUR package available for tblock. You can install it using your favourite AUR helper or by cloning the repository locally.

$ git clone tblock
$ cd tblock
$ makepkg -si

A package for tblock-gui is also provided on the AUR.

$ git clone tblock-gui
$ cd tblock-gui
$ makepkg -si

🟢 Tip
The package tblock-gui depends on tblock. You should build and install tblock before trying to build tblock-gui.

Using Chaotic-AUR

TBlock is also packaged in the chaotic-aur third-party repository.

$ sudo pacman -S tblock

The GUI is also available in this repository:

$ sudo pacman -S tblock-gui