Install on Windows

⚠️ Warning
It seems that a huge hosts file can cause Windows to use a lot of CPU and even become unresponsive. It also seems to impact the amount of time required to connect to a network. This issue is typically caused by Windows, not TBlock. We are nevertheless trying to find a way of reducing this problem from our end. More information is available here.

ℹ️ Info
The user interface is still work-in-progress for Windows and macOS. TBlock is only available as a command-line tool for both of these platforms. More information is available here.

It is possible to install TBlock on Windows using the scoop package manager.

Add TBlock's third-party repository

> scoop bucket add tblock

Install the package

> scoop install tblock

Download the installer

TBlock also has a graphical installer available for Windows, available on the releases page.

⚠️ Warning
Don't forget to verify the signature of your download if you choose this method.